Two chefs joyfully holding pastries over their eyes in a playful pose in a bustling kitchen environment.

Discover MOD: A Multilayered Dessert Experience in SoHo, NYC

At MOD, we're not just about desserts; we're about creating original, multilayered masterpieces that tantalize your senses. Our approach combines locally-sourced ingredients, innovative techniques, and a flair for the extraordinary. 
Each dessert is a journey through textures and flavors, reflecting our commitment to culinary artistry and quality.
 Step into MOD and indulge in a world where each bite tells a story of creativity and passion.
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Crafting Culinary Artistry in SoHo

Grégory Doyen


Grégory Doyen is a highly accomplished French pâtissier with a rich background that spans over 20 years in the industry. A graduate of the prestigious Alain Ducasse’s Academy Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Pâtisserie (ENSP), Doyen’s career journey began in noteworthy establishments like Pâtisserie Lafay in Lyon and the Grand Vefour in Paris. He went on to focus on artistic ice carving and tailor-made decorations, which enabled him to head up the Moscow wing of Potel et Chabot and to supervise the launch of the Grand Lisboa in Macao, China.
He later took on significant roles such as the Executive Pastry Chef at the Hédiard Group in Russia and the Mandarin Oriental resort in Taipei.

Since 2014, Gregory Doyen has led GD Sweet Concept, an international consulting and training firm in pastry. He’s conducted Master Classes in 50 countries, training over 15,000 students and pastry enthusiasts.
Clients include CoffeeMania, a renowned Russian coffee chain, Atlantis Hotel in Dubai, Lotte Plaza Hotel Group, and Artelice Patisserie, California’s top-rated pastry shop in 2022 according to Yelp .
Chef Gregory Doyen is the creative force behind fashion-desserts for iconic Jewelry, Perfume, and Fashion Houses such as Cartier, Marc Jacobs, Dior, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton etc.
In his entire pastry journey, Gregory Doyen remains a constant innovator, striking a flawless balance between aesthetics and exquisite taste.

Edward Geyman


Edward Geyman, the co-founder of MOD, is a distinguished entrepreneur with a rich heritage as a fourth-generation Ukrainian glazier. His entrepreneurial journey is marked by his leadership role as the CEO of CARVART, a pioneering firm in innovative materials and architectural systems. Geyman’s expertise and innovative approach have been instrumental in realizing significant projects, including The Museum of Natural History and Oculus.

Geyman’s passion extends beyond architecture and design into the culinary world. This interest led to his collaboration with Chef Grégory Doyen to establish MOD, a testament to his innovative spirit and appreciation for exceptional design and culinary arts. Furthermore, Geyman is a co-founder of LANETA Tequila, a luxury tequila brand that showcases his flair for design-forward and luxury products.

His encounter with Chef Doyen, facilitated through a mutual friend, sparked the inception of MOD. Geyman was captivated by the MOD concept, which perfectly aligned with his affinity for both groundbreaking design and unique culinary experiences. His entrepreneurial acumen and keen eye for design are pivotal in defining the MOD brand, expertly blending artistic design with culinary innovation to create a unique and sophisticated dessert experience.

Chef holding a heart-shaped dessert.
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