A cookie with a single chocolate button on top surrounded by scattered Black Truffle chips on a white background.


Bringing the joy of campfire memories to your palate

The S'More MOD combines the rich taste of dark and milk chocolate with the comforting flavor of toasted marshmallow. This MOD is a heartwarming treat that encapsulates the essence of coziness and indulgence.

A chocolate chip cookie and espresso ice cream sandwich cut in half, surrounded by scattered chocolate chips on a white surface.

S'MORE MOD with Mocha Coffee

Enjoy the S'More MOD alongside a warm cup of mocha coffee. The combination of chocolate and coffee is a classic, and the toasted marshmallow in the MOD adds a cozy, campfire-like feel to your mocha.

Chef presenting a freshly baked Black Truffle muffin with glaze.
Three donuts with different icings dripping down against a white background for the homepage.
Responsibly SOURCED


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