Vanilla cream brûlée & strawberry

A strawberry-topped muffin in a white cup with the mod logo, surrounded by fresh strawberries on a white background.


Experience the indulgence of the MOD Vanilla Cream Brûlée & Strawberry

crafted just like the classic dessert. Each MOD is delicately caramelized to create a crispy, golden exterior reminiscent of the vanilla French crème brûlée, while inside you'll find the luscious flavors of vanilla cream, fresh strawberries, and rich milk chocolate. Savor the decadence of this unique treat, caramelized to perfection just for you.

Two soufflés in white cups on a white surface, one topped with a strawberry slice and a spoon inserted into it.

Serve the Vanilla Cream Brûlée & Strawberry MOD

with a lightly sweetened iced tea infused with real vanilla and a hint of lemon. This drink enhances the dessert's rich vanilla and bright strawberry flavors without overpowering the delicate balance of the creamy brûlée and chocolate. It's a refreshing choice that echoes the sophistication of the dessert.

A cup of muffin topped with fruit and a spoon, surrounded by sliced strawberries on a white background for homepage 001.
A muffin topped with a slice of strawberry in a white cup, featured on the homepage and surrounded by whole and halved strawberries on a white background optimized with SEO keywords.
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