A cup of matcha tea surrounded by scattered green tea powder and white mochi balls on a white background offers a visually appealing and traditional Japanese tea experience.

Contains: dairy, egg, gluten, fish gelatin


The Matcha MOD is a true fusion of tradition and luxury

Infused with the delicate flavors of matcha and white chocolate, this MOD is adorned with 24K gold, offering a unique and opulent experience. It's a perfect choice for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Matcha flavored dessert with white chocolate chips and espresso powder garnish on a white background.

MATCHA MOD with Green Tea Ice Cream

Combine the Matcha MOD with green tea ice cream for a luxurious, East-meets-West dessert experience. The subtle bitterness of matcha in both the MOD and the ice cream creates a harmonious, refreshing taste, with the 24K gold adding an extravagant touch.

A close-up of a green, matcha circular pastry with a glossy finish and a gold-colored topping.
Chef holding up a green, round, matcha pastry with a gold leaf decoration.
Responsibly SOURCED


matcha, milk & white chocolate ganache

Two green translucent half-circle matcha gels with granular substance scattered around on a white background.
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