Original cookie surrounded by scattered nuts and chocolate chips on a white surface.

Contains: dairy, egg, gluten, tree-nuts (hazelnuts)


The Pralinello MOD is a luxurious harmony

of hazelnuts, smooth milk chocolate, and crispy praliné. It's a decadent experience that offers a delightful crunch and melt-in-the-mouth texture, perfect for those who love a sophisticated nutty treat.

Sliced loaf of bread with caramel drizzle and espresso surrounded by nuts and chocolate chips on a white background.

PRALINELLO MOD with Hazelnut Latte

Savor the Pralinello MOD with a creamy hazelnut latte. The hazelnut flavors in both the latte and the MOD synergize beautifully, creating a nutty, indulgent experience with layers of texture from the crispy praliné.

A close-up of a matcha chocolate chip cookie with a coin embedded in it, casting shadows on a surface.
Person holding up a cookie with matcha filling toward the camera.
Responsibly SOURCED


Hazelnuts, hazelnut praliné, milk chocolate.

Sliced cookie with chocolate chips and nuts scattered around on a white background, perfect for midnight time snacks.
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