Artistic presentation of a midnight black dessert surrounded by scattered sesame seeds and chocolate pearls on a white background.

Contains: dairy, egg, gluten, sesame , dark chocolate 



is an exquisite blend of dark chocolate and black sesame ganache, accented with a touch of 24K gold. This sophisticated dessert is perfect for those seeking a bold, rich flavor experience with a luxurious twist.

Sliced black sesame midnight dessert loaf with chocolate chips, surrounded by scattered black sesame seeds and chocolate drops on a white surface.

MIDNIGHT MOD with Vanilla Ice Cream

Enjoy the MIDNIGHT MOD with a scoop of classic vanilla ice cream. The simplicity of the vanilla complements the rich dark chocolate and black sesame ganache of the MOD. This pairing brings together the complexity of the MIDNIGHT MOD with the familiar comfort of vanilla, creating a delightful dessert experience.

A round midnight chocolate cake with a single gold leaf decoration presented in a white box with a branded lid.
Person holding a midnight black truffle towards the camera.
Responsibly SOURCED


sesame , dark chocolate 

Two halves of a midnight chocolate dessert with gold leaf garnish, surrounded by chocolate crumb scatter.
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