Top view of a dessert with orange slices and espresso chocolate morsels arranged around it on a white surface.

Contains: Milk chocolate and Hojicha, mandarin jelly and Hazelnut ganache 


The HOJICHA MOD is an exquisite fusion of East and West

featuring roasted hojicha tea, tangy mandarin orange confit, and a decadent hazelnut ganache. This dessert is a sophisticated blend of smoky, citrusy, and nutty flavors, offering a unique and memorable taste journey.

A dessert bar with orange and cappuccino chocolate pieces scattered around on a white background.

Pair the HOJICHA MOD with a glass of sparkling citrus water.

The effervescence and slight acidity of the water will refresh your palate between bites, enhancing the mandarin orange's brightness and complementing the hojicha's depth.

A single cookie with a round dollop of espresso icing in the center, placed inside a white box with a visible logo.
An overhead shot of a candle surrounded by slices of oranges, nuts, coffee beans, and chocolate pieces arranged on a white surface.
Resopnsibly SOURCED


Milk chocolate , coffee

Sliced oranges and chocolate chips scattered around espresso poppy seed cookies on a white background.
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