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Contains: dairy, egg, gluten, fish gelatin


The Red Velvet MOD is an elegant blend

of rich dark chocolate and raspberry jelly. It captures the essence of the classic Red Velvet in a sophisticated and modern way, offering a luscious and velvety taste sensation.

A red macaron with a chocolate and espresso filling, surrounded by scattered chocolate chips and raspberries on a white surface.

RED VELVET MOD with Raspberry White Hot Chocolate

Pair the Red Velvet MOD with a raspberry white hot chocolate for a decadent treat. The sweet-tart raspberry flavor blends wonderfully with the dark chocolate of the MOD, while the creamy white chocolate adds a luxurious richness.

A red velvet cookie with a matcha and pink striped candy on top.
A person holding up a red-glazed, matcha donut towards the camera.


Red velvet dark chocolate, raspberry coulis

Sliced red velvet cake with cream filling, decorated with raspberries and chocolate chips on a white background, perfect for a midnight treat.
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